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A ceramic coating can work the magic and defend your vehicle from the tough surroundings. Ceramic coating could be a clear coat which incorporates a liquid compound. Once ceramic coating is applied on a car's body, the compound forms a chemical bonding with the factory coated paint. Once coated, it will solely be removed by abrasion and not by any chemicals. If done properly, ceramic coating will even last the period of time of the automotive.


Product Qverview :

  • Super Hydrophobic Effect - 120° Water Contact Angle
  • Anti-Fouling - Super Self Cleaning Effect
  • Ultimate Smooth Surface
  • Super Gloss Finish
  • High Waterspot Resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Scractch Resistance
  • Weather Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Easy-to-Clean


Product Data : 

  • Hardness : 9H 
  • Temperature Resistance : >250°C
  • Liquid Density : 1.72g/cm³
  • Thickness : 15 Micron


Natsuki Japan Glass CoatingNatsuki Japan Glass Coating


Advantages of Ceramic Coating


Ultimate Paint Protection

A nano-ceramic coating essentially provides a powerful, protecting surface to the vehicle’s body which will block all external harsh factors to stop them from inflicting injury to the car. On any given day, an automobile needs to endure a spread of attacks to its body, from accidental scratches to mud, dirt associated different contaminants that are an inevitable a part of the road. The Nano-coating ensures that the initial coating of the automotive is saved through a protecting layer which will stand up to a good deal of harm while not showing any ill-effects on the body of the automotive.


Ceramic Coating Durability

A ceramic paint coating is much more popular than a standard paint job for safeguarding the surface of the vehicle. Ceramic coating additionally lasts longer than regular paint. Since the coating is infused with the stock paint thanks to sturdy chemical bonding, the protection stays place even below serious shocks and vibrations and through rough scrubs and washes of the car.


Clean as New

Ceramic coating works at the molecular level to confirm that the coating provided is very sleek and even. this implies that even once the dirt comes involved with the coating, it finds no place to stay to, and easily rolls off the surface. The body of a ceramic coated automobile are sleek and free from abrasions. This surface offers no place for dirt to stay on to. A simple swipe with a clean artefact brings the automotive back to its bright end.


Ceramic Coating ~ Cost Efficient

It may appear initially look that having a ceramic coating put in is cost-prohibitive however take another look. Wax lasts just one to three months, it has to be reapplied a minimum of quarterly which approximately equals to $200 fourfold a year for a decent wash and wax. That equals $800 annually. Since knowledgeable ceramic coating is basically permanent if maintained properly, it might need one application over the common period of time of car possession.


No Side Effects

Ceramic coating offers sensible protection to the car's surface. The nano-coating will defend the automotive from most scratches, dirt and chemical contaminants. Ceramic coating additionally does not have any side-effects to the initial paint.



Car waxing was a popular trend of the past, but now waxing is regarded temporary and can eventually wear off. Each waxing and ceramic coating takes a substantial quantity of your time to be applied. However, within the long-standing time, ceramic coating is healthier for your vehicle than waxing thanks to its long life and better end.




Premium Japan Quality Glass Coating & Ceramic Coating

Car owners have been looking for ways to protect their paint and give their cars the perfect shine. That has led to car coating products becoming popular, and drivers are not having second thoughts about purchasing the products.


Car Coating Malaysia is like giving your car a second layer of paint to protect it from the elements. Without realising it, the car’s painting gets damaged every single day by petrol spillage, birds dropping, scratches and corrosion.


A glass coating makes your vehicle stand out from others as well as protecting it against dirt and environmental contaminants. There are various types of car coating such as:


Glass Coating     

This type of car coating is relatively new in the industry. Glass coating is not like other seals or wax neither is it made of glass. The only similarity between the car coating and glass is that they are all made of silica. Glass coating exist in two forms silica and quartz silica.


Quartz silica car coating is more expensive than silica due to its refined production process. On the other hand, it offers a more shiny and durable coat. All glass coating possesses hydrophobic properties which allow them to repel any drop of water or dirt that touches the surface of the car. Installing a glass coating on the vehicle with a rough layer prevents the formation of dirt.


The glass coating is durable, UV stable and efficient. It is made to stay on the surface of your car for over two years. Glass coating makes the vehicle; abrasion, surface scratch and stain resistant. Additionally, it is not readily washed off by regular car washing and gives your car a perfectly smooth, shiny and shimmering surface for years to come.


With all these advantages the glass coating has some downfalls, such as; it is costly, and most drivers are not able to afford it. Installing the coat to the untrained person is complicated. Despite this, it is the best long lasting solution.


Ceramic Coating

Just like glass coating, a ceramic coating can work the magic and protect your vehicle from the harsh environment. An essential feature of a ceramic coating is its additional layer of clear paint with self-cleaning properties. You will maintain the car’s showroom shine by using ceramic coating.

Opting for ceramic coating is a wise investment decision. In addition to protecting your car’s exterior, it also protects the interior from deteriorating. The car will always look new; have a mirror effect, colour depth, and glossiness.


The Best Option - Glass Coating & Ceramic Coating

Proper maintenance ensures that the vehicle shines for longer; however, you need to select the best option. Ceramic coating Malaysia makes car maintenance less labour intensive. The smoothness of the coat does not allow dust, dirt or tar to stick to the painting of the car. That removes the need for waxing.

Glass coating Malaysia will be more superior, but ceramic still provides a durable, glass-like shine and paint protection. The final choice depends on your budget and preference.




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