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Modesta’s Paul Dalton Private Label Car Coating in Malaysia

Your car is continually exposed to the hostile effects of weather.  In a tropical country like Malaysia marked by a scorching heat of the sun, your car’s exposure to its ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your car in the same way that they can impair the human skin.  The sun can wear down and fade your car paint.  Aside from the sun, rain can also damage your car paint and lead to corrosion. Even if you have a roofed car park to protect your car from the weather, it still prone to the damages caused by Insects, tar and asphalt as well as other organic compounds that can slowly depreciate your car paint. 


Under these premises, the need for car coating in Malaysia is vital to protect your car from the weather, insects, scratches, asphalt, acidic compounds and similar instances that could otherwise make your vehicle look older than its age.  




Glass coating, Ceramic coating and Nano coating


When it comes to car coating in Malaysia, you will always encounter the terms glass coating, ceramic coating and Nano coating along the way.  The terms are often interchanged because they are closely related to each other.  So are they the same? The answer is yes and no.


Glass coating and Ceramic coating are the two most common methods of car paint protection. They are the same because they are practically made up of the same material namely silica.  They are different because of the structural difference of glass and ceramic in the atomic scale.  Simply put, glass crystals have dynamic arrangement while ceramics have ordered arrangement. Another major difference between ceramic coating and glass coating in Malaysia is the speed of application. Ceramic-coating entails baking or heating the paint finish to complete its bond. Glass coating bonds to your car paint almost faster without need for baking the car. 


So where does Nano coating comes in? Nano coating is a process of fastening the glass coating or the ceramic coating in the Nano level into an exceptionally strong and protective shield. It basically improves a material's functionalities. In particular it super binds the coating so tightly that it becomes repellent to water and oil. Thus, we usually hear terms like Nano ceramic coating or Nano glass coating in Malaysia. 




Modesta’s Paul Dalton Private Label 


Modesta is the genericized trademark when it comes to ceramic coating, glass coating and Nano coating around the world. It has a whole range of products that provide a glass-like layer on your car’s finish that provides an impermeable barricade against mechanical and chemical damage of your car paint. When you talk to car coating experts, Modesta is the brand you’ll probably hear. 


Among the products offered by Modesta, Paul Dalton’s Private Label is the best product when it comes to car coating in the world. This innovative product is the result of the research collaboration between Paul Dalton, and the chemical engineers in Japan.  Paul Dalton is the world’s most famous car detailer. In the world of car enthusiasts, he is known for his unrivaled obsession for perfection when it comes to car coating and finishing.  He is the car coating angel that the checks the devil that lies in detail. His exclusive patented concoction that made him the best car detailer in the world is now available in Malaysia. 

This is the best product for ceramic coating, glass coating and Nano coating. With its exceptionally dense and tough inorganic base coat and a top-notch hydrophobic organic top coat, Modesta’s Paul Dalton Private Label delivers an unparalleled lustre, best defense, superlative dirt repellence and unsurpassed self-cleaning coat available in the world. And now, it is available in Malaysia. 





Modesta PD Paul Dalton’s Private Label Glass Coating


The very best Modesta has to offer. PD Private Label combines the advantages of both organic and inorganic technologies, thus delivering unprecedented shine, protection, resistance and self-cleaning effect. 


The PD Private Label consists of two separate parts - an extremely thick and hard inorganic base coat and a super hydrophobic organic top coat. Both of them combine together during the application to form one durable protective layer, resistant to tar and asphalt from the roads, corrosion, oxidation, chemicals and mechanical damage.


Modesta PD is the result of unique development cooperation between Mr. Paul Dalton, the world’s leading detailing expert based in the UK and our chemical engineers in Japan.


Modesta PD Private Label requires regular maintenance and yearly renewal. It delivers protection for up to 10 years and is especially suitable for the most exclusive vehicles that can take advantage of professional care.


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