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Modesta BC-06 Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating

Modesta BC06 Ceramic Coating


Modesta BC-06 Heat Resistant Hard Glass Coating


Stain-resistance and ease of cleaning thanks to the hardness of the coating film are the most prominent characteristics of the BC-06 glass coating. This thin silica film made from perhydropolysilazane protects the car body and wheels from dust in raindrops that may penetrate soft paints or other painted surfaces and can be removed only with great effort. Thanks to the BC-06 protection washing is required less frequently. 


BC-06 undergoes a chemical reaction when it comes in contact with a painted surface, creating a hard glass coating. It has a tightly packed molecular structure that creates a solid, long-lasting surface. BC-06 is heatproof up to 1,300 °C - enough to protect wheels from burning-hot brake dust.


This coating is applied with a paint gun with a nitrous oxide propellant.





Modesta BC06 Car Coating


Car coating is in trend now, and there’s a reason for it. Modesta car coating is offering superb results as compared to other conventional substitutes like wax. Are you also in search of high-quality Modesta glass coating service? Luckily, you have come to the right place!


Golden Global for the past couple of years has been serving the car owners with the best Modesta BC06 car coating services. Yes, now you can get hard glass coating, and it’s all due to BC06 car coating. You can enjoy stain-resistance and ease of cleaning, and it’s all because of this super amazing formula—Modesta BC06.




What makes BC06 a good formula?


The unique formula is made from perhydropolysilazane which creates a thin silica film over the vehicle’s body and protects it from dust and raindrops stains. However, thanks to BC06 Modesta car coating which offers ultimate protection and demand less frequent washing.




How does Modesta BC06 work?


When this chemical formula comes in contact with paint surface, it creates hard glass coating. The reason is its tight molecular structure which helps in creating excellent and long-lasting glass coating. However, this coating is applied over the body with the help of nitrous oxide propellant.


This formula is heatproof up to 1,300 °C, which is particularly enough to keep wheels from burning-hot brake dust. The best thing is this Modesta BC06 car coating remains for 3-10 years.

Layer thickness: 3-5 μm



Modesta BC06 Glass Coating

This is a silica coating material and is considered as one of the most famous glass coating liquids in Japan. The process of applying this superb formula is also imported directly from Japan. By applying BC06 ceramic coating, we can protect the automobile paint from external influences. No doubt, glass coating is a lot different from paint sealants, etc. Unlike conventional materials, BC06 is inorganic glass liquid; thus when it comes in contact with paint, it creates a thin hard film of protection. Chemical that creates film help in protecting the paint from UV rays, acid rain, and other external factors.

The hydrophilic and hardness property of BC06 silica glass protects the vehicle against dirt. BC06 glass coating doesn’t fade out due to constant sun exposure because it doesn’t contain adhesives. Similarly, this special formula doesn’t burn and so doesn’t exude toxic fumes.



Here is some characteristic that BC06 possess, these are:

  • Luster produces a chemical reaction:

Yes, the shine comes when BC06 glass coating reacts with moisture in the air and thus get converted into hard glass protection.

  • Extremely Tough Glass Coating:

BC06 special formula creates silica-glass which is a protection film that keeps the painted surfaces in the excellent form.

  • Ultra UV resistant Glass Coating

Do you want to protect your car paint from the harmful effects of rust, and other chemicals? If yes, then Modesta BC06 glass coating is what you need for your vehicle.


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