Malaysia Car Coating, Glass Coating, Ceramic Coating - Modesta Spray Car Coating VS Honda Civic HD

Posted by Golden Global on Friday 3 May 2019

Malaysia Car Coating, Glass Coating, Ceramic Coating - Modesta Spray Car Coating VS Honda Civic HD




For years, people are looking for the perfect ways to keep the shine for their vehicles long-lasting. They all want their car coating to be able to repel every kind of dirt and environmental impurities. What else could be more beneficial to get perfect shine than to go for car coating?


Yes, Golden Global has been serving the people with the best Malaysia Car coating services. Whenever you need professional glass coating services, we always come in. We are the top car coating Malaysia Company that provides out-of-the-world Modesta Products and services.


Our company uses Nanotechnology to go with the extremely durable shimmering lustre. We are the authorized detailers of Modesta Advanced Liquid Glass coating in Malaysia with years of experience.



Our Process

Do you own HONDA CIVIC HD? If yes, then congratulation because we have found the right product to keep it in its brand new look. Yes, with our Modesta products, we help you get perfect shine for your beautiful ride.


  • Detailed Washing:

Once you get your Honda Civic at our place, we first clean it properly to remove all dirt and water spots.


  • Paint Correction:

After washing it, we do paint correction before Modesta coating. Yes, we do it to get the perfect results. We apply Modesta spray coating thoroughly. Our team of experts works hard to get the desired results. They work on every minor detailing of your car to make it sure it gets the needed luster and shine.


  • Heat Resistant Coating

We create a thick glass coating which is a tightly packed molecular structure helps in creating a long-lasting surface. We apply the best Modesta Spray coating with a spray gun which is heatproof up to 1,300°C




Stain resistance and ease of cleaning


With our sprayed coating, you can ensure durability and excellent protection. The hard glass coating protects your pain from elements and contaminants. This car coating offers great protection from light scratches. Our customers can compare our work with other competitors, and we promise they will come back because of the quality we deliver.




Solid, Long-lasting surface


With Modesta ceramic coating, people can experience the best car coating in Malaysia. Yes, it offers protection and increases the durability of the car’s paint. This coating will last several years and increase car’s paint protection from UV damage. So if you want to enjoy good luster and shine, then contact us today.




Protect wheels from brake burst


The benefit of getting Modesta Coating is your wheels will remain protected from brake burst. Yes, it limits the upkeep needed, especially for the great wheels with sophisticated designs. 




Titanium Glass Coating

A great new formula coating which combines the ultimate benefits of the original Pure Liquid Glass coating and also highest quality Nano-grade titanium. This amazing formula creates a much deeper shine and reflections on the paint.




Contact the experts now!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for best car detailing services.



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Malaysia Car Coating, Glass Coating, Ceramic Coating - Modesta Spray Car Coating VS Honda Civic HD


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