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KRÖPELIN Germany Nano-Titanium Car Coating



KRÖPELIN Nano-Titanium Car Coating

Everyone wants to be seeing his or her vehicle looking as shiny as it was the day it was bought. Some people don’t even want anything to touch their vehicle body in a bid to prevent it from defacing its appearance. However, despite your struggle and efforts, maintaining and washing the vehicle, the stains, chips, and scratches on the car’s exterior are unavoidable, as they continue to populate every day; hence, the paint starts fading away and dull – devaluing the appearance of the car.


Apart from these, dirt, grime, and spots begin to cling to your vehicle after every thorough washing of the car. This leads many car owners to look for a way to proffer solution by finding ways of offering UV protection on their car’s exterior part. If you are one of those consumers looking for likely solution or you just bought a new vehicle and want it to keep that shiny showroom look for a long time, then Kropelin Nano-Titanium Car Coating is for you.


Wouldn’t you like a product that will provide the required protection from water spots, mud, dirty rain, dust, and other environmental hazards, while you wash your car with ease? I promise you will like this. Read on!

What is a Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating?

Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating which is made in Germany, is a liquid polymer designed and applied on the car exterior part to offer protection on the surface of the vehicle. The best way to understand Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating is to view it as a second layer of skin, or guarding layer of protection over the clear coat of your car.


Nano-Titanium Car Coating chemically bonds with your vehicle’s factory paint; thereby creating a protective layer. Titanium coating creates a semi-permanent or permanent bond with your car’s paint – this implies that Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating does not wash away or needs to be reapplied every few months. The question now is what are the advantages of using Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating?



Car Coating Extra Shine Glossy

Super Glossy Finish

Car Coating Extra Smooth Finish

Ultimate Smooth Surface

Car Coating Extra Thickness

Extra Thickness Coating


Car Coating Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Car Coating Nano Titanium Technology

Nano-Titanium Technology

Car Coating Super Hydrophobic



Advantages of Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating

Kropelin Nano-Titanium Car Coating utilizes nanotechnology – tiny particles that buildup an invisibly thin layer to the eye. Due to the size of these particles, when it is applied on the car surface, they immediately seal up all the pores; thereby making the surface water repellent (hydrophobic), resistant to chemicals, scratches, extreme heat, UV, and even anti-graffiti.



Car Coating Self Clearning

Super Self Cleaning Effect

Car Coating Always Look News

Always Look News

Car Coating Easy Cleaning



Car Coating Water-spot Resistant

Waterspot Resistance

Car Coating Scratch Resistant

Scractch Resistance

Car Coating Weather Resistant

Weather Resistance


Car Coating UV Resistant

UV Resistance

Car Coating Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistance



Below are the advantages of Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating:



Product Data

Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating’s produt data include:

Hardness: 10H

Temperature Resistance <750°C

Liquid Density 3.28g/cm3

Thickness up to 20 Micron

As it was mentioned above, Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating will add value to your car. At Golden Global Tint & Car Care, we are the leading car coating and car tinting center in Malaysia, and its environs. For ultimate car exterior protection, add a layer of Kropelin Nano-Titanium Coating to the susceptible parts of your car and you will be glad you did.


You can select from any of our products:

  • KROPELIN Titanium MAX KT1 Nano-Titanium Coating
  • KROPELIN Titanium Pro KT2 Nano-Titanium Coating
  • KROPELIN Titanium Plus KT3 Nano-Titanium Coating

If you want to learn more about your car coating and tinting, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kropelin Car Coating Kropelin Car Coating Kropelin Car CoatingKropelin Car Coating Kropelin Car Coating Kropelin Car Coating


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